TSCC Courses

TSCC Technology can provide in depth technology courses in the field of Solar and Vacuum.



In the field of Solar we offer a two day course on solar cell and module manufacturing. The course comprises of relevant semi-conductor knowledge to understand the fundamental physics behind the working of a solar cell as well as different cell concepts. Different cell concepts also require different architectures and lay-outs in solar modules. All of these architectures will be shown and some basic calculations will be made.

Many practical examples and experiences will enrich this course.



In the field of Vacuum, a two day course is offered containing the most important subjects in vacuum technology. 

The first part is about vacuum calculations, pressure levels, flows, pumping speeds and conductances. Depending on flow regimes, this can all take a different shape and required pump down times for example. 

In the second part, the components to make and measure a vacuum will be shown. Different pump principles, effective pumping speeds, compression ratios but also pressure gauges and mass flow devices will be shown. Leak testing as well as a practical setup can be part of the course as well.



Both courses can be given either at TSCC or on location. Courses come with a syllabus and training materials.