About us

TSCC Technology was founded in 2008 under the original name of TSCC, an abbreviation for The Solar Cell Company. A group of enthusiastic profes­sionals founded TSCC who all had a broad history in the photovoltaic industry. The goal of TSCC was to set up a solar cell production company on the industrial park “Avantis” in Heerlen, in the south of the Netherlands, for the production of state-of-the-art monocrystalline solar cells and to become a major solar cell producer within five years.

However, the global financial crisis in 2009 also hit the solar market and pretty soon this market changed from a sellers’ market into a buyers’ market, causing the prices of solar cells to drop with 50%. These dramatic changes in the market made it clear that it was required to develop a new strategy. Instead of becoming a production company, TSCC redirected its focus towards the provision of services, such as contract engineering, consultancy and project management, not only to solar-related companies but to the high-tech industry in general. The shift in strategy proved to be successful, due to our long history and our extensive network within the high-tech industry. Our name changed from TSCC to TSCC Technology; ‘TSCC’ is a reference to the past and ‘Technology’ puts the emphasis on the new strategy of providing technological services to the high-tech industry. A few recent projects for companies such as SoLayTec, Smit Ovens and Masévon have been highlighted in the ‘references’ section of this website.

A selection of interesting articles, published in the Dutch and German press in the early stages of TSCC Technology, can be found below.